Coal Mine Rehabilitation – A Necessity

30 Jun by Roland Carlson

Coal Mine Rehabilitation – A Necessity

Coal Mine Rehabilitation

A lot of people talk about the topic of “Coal Mine Rehabilitation” or mining related illnesses. Yet, there are actually quite a few advantages to this type of program. As a result, many mining areas are being found around the country. These areas will see a substantial improvement in the standard of living, and a boost in employment opportunities.

So what do we mean by “Coal Mine Rehabilitation”? Well, when you mine coal, essentially, you are causing tremendous damage to the environment. This area can be seriously contaminated with waste products, such as sulfur dioxide, mercury, lead, and other harmful materials. In addition, you are causing irreparable damage to the ecosystem that supports the mining operations and has the potential to poison the groundwater supply. This makes the use of “Coal Mine Rehabilitation” extremely important.

Basically, the purpose of this type of mining is to locate problematic areas, remove the waste, and restore the land to an acceptable level for future mining. Many mining companies will actually hire in local people or companies that have experience in working with mine sites. They can also often provide on-site assistance in providing the most beneficial coal mine rehabilitation possible.

You might be asking, “What are some of the benefits of hiring in-site rehabilitation specialists?” One benefit would be that these experts are focused on environmental protection. In addition, they are equipped to evaluate the mining operation, and provide on-site safety guidance. They can also provide training and education to the operators, miners, and other employees. Coal mine rehabilitation specialists are trained to take an honest approach to recovering the productive environment, which will ultimately benefit all of us.

In addition to improving the environment, there are many other benefits that come with coal mine rehabilitation. For example, workers that return from injured or ill health can use the best rehabilitation facilities available. These rehabilitation centers can provide workers with a wide range of services, such as therapy, group therapy, nutrition, physical fitness activities, job-related assessments, medical treatment, and much more. These services are provided to all individuals, regardless of their condition or illness. This means that you can receive the full range of care for your injured or ill coals without having to worry about limiting your health insurance coverage.

The second aspect of this topic deals with the rehabilitation of the workers who are leaving the area. One organization that I’ve worked with is the Rufaut Mining Company. The company operates seven mines located in four states. The majority of these mines are located in southern Illinois, and southwestern Indiana. Due to the dangerous nature of working in this environment, and the number of people who leave every day, many people feel it is impossible to permanently protect their health and continue to work in these mines.

There is an alternative to leaving work so early; they can seek employment elsewhere and complete a program at one of the many coal mine rehabilitation facilities in the country. When looking for assistance, be sure to check references, and talk to former clients. Also, ask if the company is fully licensed and insured. Lastly, ask about the cost of the rehabilitation programs and services. The average costs vary greatly, depending on the needs of the individual client.

Coal mining is a difficult and dangerous industry. Many people are killed or injured every year due to accidents on the job. Coal mining is necessary, but rehabilitation of those injured or killed on the job is equally important. Coal mine rehabilitation centers have seen a steady rise in service since my husband began working in the mines in 1984. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed while working in a coal mine, contact an experienced and compassionate rehabilitation company today.