Three Other Uses for a Billiards Table

7 Feb by Roland Carlson

Three Other Uses for a Billiards Table

Having a billiards table is an excellent value addition to any indoor setting where people get together. Apart from playing billiards on these tables, you can use them for the number of other alternative purposes and have a great deal of fun and excitement. Here are three of the other uses of a billiards table.

To play table tennis

Yes, you CAN play table tennis on a billiards table. This is a whole different concept than its intended use. Although it sounds like a weird idea, especially with the feeling that the table doesn’t fit for a game like a table tennis, it is practically doable. Although, if you really want to play table tennis then we highly recommend you actually get a proper table tennis table in Melbourne, otherwise you’ll just end up ruining the billiards table.

It is quite obvious that you cannot play table tennis on a billiards table considering the type of the surface and the setting. But, you can ‘convert’ your billiards table to a ping-pong table just by adding a unique covering on top of the table. Once the cover (a surface) is placed on the table, it makes a perfect table tennis base and if you have a pair of rackets and a ping pong ball, you are ‘good to go’ within a couple of minutes.

At a glance, this concept might sound crazy. But the reality is that ‘playing table tennis on a billiards table’ has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. As a result of the popularity of this concept, you would be able to find plenty of convertible tables in the modern market.

To play bumper pool

Bumper pool is considered to be one of the most exciting games played on a table. This game is capable of delivering fun and thrill both for the players and the audience alike.

The main reason for a great deal of excitement associated with bumper pool is that the obstacles placed on the table. The game is made harder with a series of different objects. All these obstacles are called bumpers. The purpose of placing bumpers on the table is to make it hard for players to pot their balls. The majority of these obstacles (or bumpers) are placed at the centre of the table.

Only 10 balls will be used to play bumper pool (5 reds for one player and 5 whites for the other). Each set consists of one marked ball and no cue ball is used. Although there is no clear evidence about the origin of bumper pool, it has become a very popular game among many people as of today.

Play one pocket pool

If you want to make your ordinary pool game pretty harder and challenging, play one pocket pool instead. Each player will get a specific pocket at the break and from that point onwards, the respective player should use the same pocket throughout the game. One point will be awarded for each ball a player pots and the first player to reach 8 points will be the winner. You may customise this game to increase the difficulty and make it more exciting.

Apart from the options mentioned above, there are various other games to try on your billiards table. Playing different types of games on the same table is a great way to give good value for the money you invested on it. If you’re looking to purchase a billiards table then we highly recommend that you check out the tables over at TR Sports. They’ve got some of the highest quality tables at affordable prices for your home or office.